MoMA on Saturday

Went to the grand opening of the MoMA on Saturday with a bunch of Elissa’s friends. It was a zoo. A two hour wait outside in the rain (I HATE WAITING) wasn’t worth it, I would have gladly paid $20 to eliminate that. The place is tremendous, though, and some of the new art was pretty neat.

Afterwards we headed to a Mexican restaurant on 49th and 9th. They had a $10 brunch special, which is pretty amazing for Manhattan – you can’t eat at McDonald’s for that much.

Just hanging out today, catching up on the (tons of) work that I need to do. Mom’s coming over for dinner and to nag me a bit.

I got an email from my Dad from his laptop in his truck. How ironic, that I live in a major metropolitian area, work in the tech field and HE has wireless access anywhere in the country. Go figure.

I’m on vacation all this week, so I hope to get plenty done, but I already feel like I’m pressed for time.