Well, Happy Halloween to all of you who have actually have a costume – I myself do not, YET. I have 3 hours to get something together….

Going to a party tonight, and the wife is going to the parade in the city. She’s much more adventurous than I am. (Plus, she is already there, quick commute for her!)

Enjoy yourselves, folks, but please don’t egg my car.


Very long day yesterday – work, taught at Farmingdale, and then had class at LIU. My class ran late, and I didn’t get home until 11:45pm – Ouch.

The class was good, though, as they brought in a real IT manager from a multi-billion dollar company – how often do you get to meet one of them, huh?

I have hardly seen my wife in the last couple of days, that’s the way it has been since I started school again. Not that she doesn’t have anything to do herself during the week – work, meetings, the gym – she keeps busy herself.

I have class again tonight, and then it’s Survivor tomorrow – Woohoo! And who knows what today will bring….


Holy S@$t! – What a day!

I’ve been out of the office all day, and we have the LIPHP meeting tonight – the only good thing all week! (Except for Halloween, of course!)


Elissa and I went out with Steve and Dayna, Mike and Kim, Carl and Michele to Applebees. We had a good time, but Mike probably slept on the couch last night. 🙂

We are going to the Yankee game today. Our seats are definitely in the nose-bleeds. But, you know – that’s where all the fun happens!

Also got my guitar tuner, so I was able to tuner her. Now I just have to learn how to play….


Thank God – although I’m not sure why I do – Friday is always a tough day for me, and today is proving to be no different.

Survivor was good last night – they booted Trish – I was betting it was going to be Shawn.


Busy week, as usual. Had class last night and Tuesday night, and am teaching again tonight. Yesterday, had a meeting with a client, which went well – their project should be wrapping up soon. Elissa made squash for dinner – I never had it before, but it was delicious!


Sunday we went to my grandfathers in the afternoon for his birthday (we got him a gift certificate to Circuit City) – it was good to see him, but was an otherwise uneventful day.

Monday I stayed home from work as I am sick. The whole deal – sore throat, headache, naseau, stomache ache.


Ok, so I missed a few days. It is has been a rough week. Meetings, onsite tech support and lots of coding – plus the course that I teach AND my own classes.

I really needed a beer last night – went out with Elissa, Mike and Kim to Applebee’s. I’m a Bud Light fan, but they only have Coors on tap. I’m also a “save money” fan, so…. 🙂

Today is still up in the air with exact plans. Definitely need to do some homework!


Yesterday was a long day for me, as Tuesdays usually are. I have work during the day, then I teach a course at Farmingdale, and then I have class at LIU.

No complaints, it went OK. Just been busy with lots of work (during the day) and homework (at night). Looking forward to the weekend….

Oh, and I need to catch up on NYPD Blue. Don’t get to see it much anymore as I don’t get home until 11pm on Tuesdays.


Just had a staff meeting – now I lots of work to do.

Nothing too exciting today – just the occassional email from Mike and the Chief.

I have class tonight, and I’m also teaching @ farmingdale.

So, I should get home around 11pm tonight….