What up with Yahoo!?

We’re finally settled in and I thought I’d talk about some of the cool things going on at Yahoo, some of which I’ve been directly involved in.

Hack Day

Several times a year (it might be once a quarter) the company sponsors an internal “Hack Day” for company engineers (this is different from the Open Hack Days that the company sponsors which should be coming up at the end of September). Basically, you have 24 hours to come up with something cool and present it to the judges and your peers. To be clear, this is a work-sanctioned event – all work stuffAlthough I can’t go into specifics, I am very proud of my team’s Hack Day project. Admittedly, I contributed a small (but very prominent, I must say) piece to the Hack given my schedule (my cats were coming in from NY AND my furniture was being delivered all within those 24 hours) but we did make the top 25 and were actually singled out by Ramus on an internal mailing list as a hack that he really enjoyed. Very cool. Congrats to the team!

YSlow (no involvement, but we use it all the time)

Hopefully you’ve heard about YSlow. YSlow is a Firebug extension to help with site performance. YSlow scores are taken seriously inside Yahoo and it is a good (but certainly not the only) indicator of your sites performance. Read more about it here.

Yahoo Go for TV (no involvement, but very cool technology and killer release party)

The mashup between TV and Internet is inevitable and Go for TV brings it that much closer. See your favorite Yahoo content while watching TV and also take advantage of the DVR features. Windows only right now (hey, Linux folks, they’re hiring engineers for the Linux port, get me those resumes!). Find out the scoop and download from the Yahoo! Go site.

And for all the latest with Yahoo, you don’t need to wait for me, just check out Next @ Yahoo.

…and some fun stuff….

Great America

Great AmericaThe Media Engineering Group (to which I belong) was given the afternoon off and free passes to Great America. We had a great year with some outstanding accomplishments and this was a awesome way of the higher-ups to say thanks to the people who make it happen. Engineers are actually the folks “on the ground” when it comes to bringing a project to the finish line. The idea folks, the designers, operations, customers, special teams have all had their input and requirements, but really, it is the engineer that is given all of this and told to make it work. I’ve seen this quite often throughout my career and it is really nice to not only be recognized for the actual job that is done but to be appreciated in that way. Yahoo is good to us like that.

As many of you know, I’m a big baby when it comes to amusement park rides but I still managed to have a good time with the team.

Camp Yahoo

Camp Yahoo 2007Also, we just had Camp Yahoo a couple of weeks ago. Camp Yahoo is the company picnic and was held at the San Mateo events center. Lots of food, games and rides, and of course, free for employees and their families. Heck, Elissa and I even got to ride a Segway. Evan? Sorry, kid, you don’t meet the height requirement just yet. 🙂