The long awaited update

Ok, I have a few minutes, and figured I would finally post:

Alot has happened since my last post. First off, I started a new job in April. It is terrific. The people are awesome, and incredibly intelligent as well. In short, we build an entire operating system, so the challenge is immense. Yes, we’ve had alot of late nights, and some weekends, but what we are producing is incredible, and the fact that we are using all Open Source technologies makes it even better. However, the single most important thing to me is drive of the owners of the company – they have a vision, and do what it takes to succeed – definitely inspirational people to be around.

I use Linux on my desktop now at work (I’ve been using it as a server for 6+ years now), which is REALLY cool. I may just switch my home machine to it as well soon. I’m introducing my wife to it via Knoppix, and I think she’ll do OK.

Next Post, I’ll talk about the other stuff that has been going on….