My Todo List Search

Having gone through some GTD training recently, I set out on my hunt for the best todo list system for me. First off, let me say that I’m not a GTD purist by any means and in fact have been doing something that somewhat resembles GTD for a few years now, but I certainly like some of its principles. Anyway, here are my (slim) requirements:

  1. Website – no desktop software required.
  2. Mobile Access – ideally IPhone App and must have identical functionality to the website
  3. Concept of Tasks, due dates, and priorities
  4. Repeating tasks is a nice to have
  5. Free is a nice to have

With those in place, I set out and evaluated these, with some of my brief comments:

  • – mobile interface too simple, you can only view the tasks from your mobile, no updating/deleting
  • (RTM)- probably most suited for my needs, but due to their terms, I’m essentially paying $25 year to support their iphone developer. $25 is what one pays for Flickr, and that is a much more valuable service IMO. The phone app has a 15 day trial.
  • – looks awesome, but doesn’t support priorities, due dates and “tasks” from the web interface from what I can see. I was told that it does do this from the desktop app, but I really want a website and mobile app, that’s it.
  • Errands (iphone app) – I thought this app was great and many people like it, but it has no website to go along with it which means all data entry needs to happen on the phone. I’m not one of these people married to a PIM so this is in the realm of possibility for me, but I ultimately decided I need a website sync up
  • – website plus mobile website, but no priority or due date
  • – iphone plus website, has due dates, but no priorities, but you can sort the list, so that can be your priority. You have to buy the IPhone app, but they have a demo video on the website.
  • – website/mobile website – due date but no priorities, you lose completed items unless you move them to another list, but you can’t move between lists on your mobile device.

As it stands now, I’m using RTM and am still in the 15 day window. Zenbe Lists is definitely a close second and I’ll reevaluate that before my 15 days expire with RTM.