The latest

Had an interesting weekend. We found a mouse in the house!

Elissa was on the phone with her friend when she saw the cat scratching at the base of kitchen counter. She stood there for a moment, and then saw a mouse run out and back under the counter again. So, it was off to supermarket for me to get some mouse traps.

Got home, and realized that we didn’t have any peanut butter, so we had to use cheese. Well, the cheese didn’t work the first night. The next night, I got some peanut butter, set the trap and had the mouse in a couple of hours.

On Sunday we got dining room set which we found on Craigslist. GREAT condition, and cheap too! We had tacos for our first meal in our dining room, which was empty up until then.

Update: another mouse has been spotted. I had already called the exterminator, and now I’m on the hunt for our newest visitor….