The hunt for my polling place….

Ok, many you know that I moved recently. Well, I notified the Board of Elections that I moved via email a few months ago, and I *believe* I got a confirmation in the mail (I need to check at home, I could be imagining things). However, I have no idea where I am supposed to vote. There is a school a few blocks away from my house – I assume I vote there, but again, I’m not sure.

Here’s the kicker: I call the Board of Elections, and bounce around the phone system until I get a message that says – “We are closed”. The hours for Tuesday (that’s today) are from 8am to 8pm – well I called at 10:30am? What do you mean you are closed????? It could just be an unchanged message, or it could be a clue as to where our tax dollars are going. I’ll keep you posted.