Brakelights – a conspiracy?

In my quite busy and hectic life, I do lots of driving. A few hundred miles a week lately. And I’ll be damned if I don’t see at least 1 brake (or tail) light out on a NEWER car every day. This amazes me. I really think there is something going on.

Taillights or brakelights don’t go out on cars too often, at least from my experience. Two big manufacturers (probably more like distributors) of automotive lights are Sylvania and Philips. A quick lookup on the Philips site (which sucks, BTW, breaks in Mozilla on Linux) shows that their stock took a dump in 2002, and is on a small incline now. Ok, lots of stocks took a dump in 2002, but who better to benefit from light bulbs that don’t last as long? Yes, its a leap, but I’m amazed that is so prevelant.

Well, that’s another useless opinion from Tom. Check back for more….