First Day of PHP class

So, today was the first day of PHP class. I think it went well. We’re a small group, but this is good as we can move at our own pace, which I suspect may be faster than normal. It will be fun for all!

Life has been OK, although I really don’t appreciate the snow and all of the heating problems we’ve been having. But, the furnace has been (practically) rebuild, so I hope nothing else will go wrong with it now….

Last week I started school again. I really wasn’t ready to go back – could have used another week. The courses seem good, and the professors knowledgable. Not too much homework either, which is always nice! Seriously, at this stage of my education I’m not looking for “busywork”, but for tips, tricks and techniques that are going to benefit me in my craft. So I appreciate the approach my profs are taking.