Columbus Day

And I had to work….

Had a meeting with a client this morning, it went well. Busy with changes to his project pretty much the rest of the day.

Finally got to that laundry. Now, I’m SUPPOSED to be doing my homework.

Brunch was good

Had some fruity pancakes at this restaurant called ‘Toast’ in Port Jeff. Not too bad.

Rest of the day has been dedicated to homework, hopefully the laundry will get done tomorrow….

Brunch with Scoot and Joe

Yesterday was fun – Pierre and Janise, along with Elissa and I went to the Huntington Fall Festival. The ladies went on the spin-and-puke rides, the guys listened to the bands. Not bad at all.

Later, we convinced the ladies to let us go to Sam Ash, where Pierre helped me get strings and tuning pegs for my guitar. He installed all the new hardware, and now the guitar is has good as new.

Had some Pizza Crumb from Dairy Barn (the employee was a wacko) – it was awesome!

Today we have a brunch with Jen and Joe @ 11am. I guess I better get ready.

The remainder of my day will be filled with homework and laundry. 🙁


Going to the Huntington Fall Festival with PJ and Janise. I haven’t been to one before, but I’ve heard good things.

We’ll see….