The long awaited update

Ok, I have a few minutes, and figured I would finally post:

Alot has happened since my last post. First off, I started a new job in April. It is terrific. The people are awesome, and incredibly intelligent as well. In short, we build an entire operating system, so the challenge is immense. Yes, we’ve had alot of late nights, and some weekends, but what we are producing is incredible, and the fact that we are using all Open Source technologies makes it even better. However, the single most important thing to me is drive of the owners of the company – they have a vision, and do what it takes to succeed – definitely inspirational people to be around.

I use Linux on my desktop now at work (I’ve been using it as a server for 6+ years now), which is REALLY cool. I may just switch my home machine to it as well soon. I’m introducing my wife to it via Knoppix, and I think she’ll do OK.

Next Post, I’ll talk about the other stuff that has been going on….


Ok, it has been a while.

We had a great Thanksgiving “break” – it was nice, I had no school or classes Wed, Thurs, or Friday, so the wife and I were just able to “relax”. The turkey was good, and Christmas shopping was tolerable (I hate shopping, the malls, the crowds; I really can’t stand it).

I really can’t wait until Dec 17th – then I will be free for a month! WooHoo!


Survivor Tonight!

I’m very excited, because work, school, etc has been very hectic for both Elissa and I. It will be nice just sit on the couch and relax a little bit.

This Saturday is Steve’s bachelor party – we need to get him in as much “trouble” as possible. 🙂


Had Dale, Kat and Mike over last night for the 80’s party – we only got through 3 movies – Weird Science, Police Academy, and Better off Dead. Plus, we watched Emmit Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (have you ever heard of that – I certainly hadn’t).

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch. It was really good, but I had to take it home – they just give you too much!


Survivor Tonight – can’t wait!!!!

This week was rough – didn’t get enough sleep over the weekend, and I’m still riding it out. Classes have been relentless up until now – looks like things are getting easier, though.

I have my “observation” at Farmingdale next week – I’m alittle nervous….

This weekend the wife is having an 80’s movie party – I’m even more nervous about that. 🙂


Enjoyed my “night” off last night. Only had to teach – no class for me! Although I just spoke to someone who also goes their, and they had class. Weird.

Day keeps getting worse – but so it goes, it’s Wednesday.

And the jukebox is spitting out REO Speedwagon…Where’s the bridge – I’m jumpin’!
(Just kidding, folks)


So I managed to pull off Halloween thanks to my wife and Mom – they both suggested I wear what I did last year, as no one had seen me in that anyway. Mom came through and actually found the costume packed away in her house. Thank you both!

Today was OK – I finally got my client sending email correctly – WooHoo!


Well, Happy Halloween to all of you who have actually have a costume – I myself do not, YET. I have 3 hours to get something together….

Going to a party tonight, and the wife is going to the parade in the city. She’s much more adventurous than I am. (Plus, she is already there, quick commute for her!)

Enjoy yourselves, folks, but please don’t egg my car.


Very long day yesterday – work, taught at Farmingdale, and then had class at LIU. My class ran late, and I didn’t get home until 11:45pm – Ouch.

The class was good, though, as they brought in a real IT manager from a multi-billion dollar company – how often do you get to meet one of them, huh?

I have hardly seen my wife in the last couple of days, that’s the way it has been since I started school again. Not that she doesn’t have anything to do herself during the week – work, meetings, the gym – she keeps busy herself.

I have class again tonight, and then it’s Survivor tomorrow – Woohoo! And who knows what today will bring….