Holy S@$t! – What a day!

I’ve been out of the office all day, and we have the LIPHP meeting tonight – the only good thing all week! (Except for Halloween, of course!)


Elissa and I went out with Steve and Dayna, Mike and Kim, Carl and Michele to Applebees. We had a good time, but Mike probably slept on the couch last night. 🙂

We are going to the Yankee game today. Our seats are definitely in the nose-bleeds. But, you know – that’s where all the fun happens!

Also got my guitar tuner, so I was able to tuner her. Now I just have to learn how to play….


Thank God – although I’m not sure why I do – Friday is always a tough day for me, and today is proving to be no different.

Survivor was good last night – they booted Trish – I was betting it was going to be Shawn.


Busy week, as usual. Had class last night and Tuesday night, and am teaching again tonight. Yesterday, had a meeting with a client, which went well – their project should be wrapping up soon. Elissa made squash for dinner – I never had it before, but it was delicious!


Sunday we went to my grandfathers in the afternoon for his birthday (we got him a gift certificate to Circuit City) – it was good to see him, but was an otherwise uneventful day.

Monday I stayed home from work as I am sick. The whole deal – sore throat, headache, naseau, stomache ache.


Ok, so I missed a few days. It is has been a rough week. Meetings, onsite tech support and lots of coding – plus the course that I teach AND my own classes.

I really needed a beer last night – went out with Elissa, Mike and Kim to Applebee’s. I’m a Bud Light fan, but they only have Coors on tap. I’m also a “save money” fan, so…. 🙂

Today is still up in the air with exact plans. Definitely need to do some homework!


Yesterday was a long day for me, as Tuesdays usually are. I have work during the day, then I teach a course at Farmingdale, and then I have class at LIU.

No complaints, it went OK. Just been busy with lots of work (during the day) and homework (at night). Looking forward to the weekend….

Oh, and I need to catch up on NYPD Blue. Don’t get to see it much anymore as I don’t get home until 11pm on Tuesdays.


Just had a staff meeting – now I lots of work to do.

Nothing too exciting today – just the occassional email from Mike and the Chief.

I have class tonight, and I’m also teaching @ farmingdale.

So, I should get home around 11pm tonight….

Columbus Day

And I had to work….

Had a meeting with a client this morning, it went well. Busy with changes to his project pretty much the rest of the day.

Finally got to that laundry. Now, I’m SUPPOSED to be doing my homework.

Brunch was good

Had some fruity pancakes at this restaurant called ‘Toast’ in Port Jeff. Not too bad.

Rest of the day has been dedicated to homework, hopefully the laundry will get done tomorrow….