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Cascading Menus can be described as drop down boxes that change do to a selection in a previous drop down box. MenuGen customizes the javascript code written for cascading menus by Alan King and company at, which is tried and true code that has been tested across platform and browser (at least according to them!).   To see an example, click here.

MenuGen currently only handles 2 drop down boxes (changing values in box1 changes box2).  (For multiple drop down boxes, see the docs at   In this situation, the values in box1 are static and printed directly as normal HTML.  The corresponding box2 options will also be copied into the HTML as well as the javascript for full functionality. 

Lets begin by choosing the layout ("look") of your cascading menu, and set a few options.  Follow the "view" links below to see the various layouts.
Menu Layout:
stacked  View
horizontal  View
original (extra formating and options below will not apply)  View
Table Background Color:
Table Border Color:
Cell Spacing
Cell Padding
Table Border
Label for Box 1:
Label for Box 2:
Form Action (requires the buttons below to be present):
Remove Submit Buttons

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